I have learned so much over the years about building community and how important it really is. It is no joke people! There is a reason everyone is always talking about it. Whatever you want to call it “building your tribe” “finding your people” it all means the same thing. The “how” is the big question & the answer isn’t always the same. One thing that will definitely help though is putting yourself out there. Be the one to take the leap. It’s the dream right? To be surrounded by like-minded people doing what you love and helping others along the way? I know it’s my dream. That is the inspiration behind the “Let’s High Five” shirt I recently designed and put on Cotton Bureau.


When talking about taking the leap, I like to think back to summertime in my childhood. We lived close to a river that everyone loves to swim in, it was the best! To add to the fun, someone tied a rope from a tree for people to swing out to the middle of the river and let go. It was actually pretty scary to be the one swing out into the river, but the thrill was amazing. Letting go of the rope and falling into the water was the best, but someone had to make the first move. Someone got the ball rolling and then after they broke the ice we were all having fun, taking turns, and high five-ing with excitement.

It can be scary, but we have to learn to take the leap as creatives and reach out to those people who just get it. We have to build on those relationships and create our own community to high five when things are awesome. Sure, things may not always be awesome, but building a community that cares is good for the not so great moments as well. So put yourself out there every day. Post your photos of your passions on Instagram. Share your latest projects on Dribbble. Tweet & blog about what really gets you going. Then, do your research, go to events and meet-ups. Send out simple emails telling people you admire that you see what they are doing and you’re loving it. If you’re waiting for permission, this is it.


I created this design as a reminder of that for me. High fives say “Let’s do this!” when you are about to do something so crazy it might just be amazing. High fives are the ultimate exclamation of awesomeness. High fives say the inexpressible feelings you have built up in your gut. Sharing one with a pal will leave you feeling like you have conquered the world. Or maybe you just like to slap strangers in the only socially acceptable way available. This shirt will break the ice and turn up the awesome levels on first sight. Just go out in-to this world and high-five some people already!

If you decide you want a shirt that will help initiate your very own high five moments, you can find it at Cotton Bureau for a little over a week. Even if the shirt isn’t your thing, at least keep the inspiration behind it in your heart, because you’ve got this!

**UPDATE** you can no longer order this shirt but if you would like to make sure it goes to reprint, please sign up below!

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