In two weeks, #the100dayproject has already improved my discipline. Drawing my favorite things every day has become second nature to me. Every illustration is not equal though. Most days I put a lot of effort into the illustrations, but there are definitely days that it is all I can do to scribble something on the page. The process has been so freeing though. To get to the point though, I am going to share three big reasons why I know #the100dayproject has improved my discipline.

1. Instagram is like an accountability partner. The Great Discontent and elle luna has created this community around this project that has blown me away. There are a few artists that I am following consistently each day and I know there are eyes on my project as well.

2. The focus of the project is about showing up. Since there is a bigger importance being put on practicing everyday, it is taking the pressure off of making a masterpiece every day. Letting go of perfection has actually opened my mind in so many area’s of my life other than just #the100dayproject.

3. Everyday builds upon the day before. All of the things that go into creating every day has built up skills, confidence, creativity, thought quality, and productivity. I am stretching and using my creative muscles and it is paying off. It is like my brain is ready to flex it’s guns. 😉

I am so glad that I have committed to #the100dayproject and as I have said before, I can’t wait to see where this journey leads me. Learn more about the project here and go follow my project #100daysofdrawingmyfavoritethings if want to see my work every day. You can join it too if you like. If you would like to read more of my thoughts related to this project you can follow this tag.

How do you improve your discipline? I would love to hear about your struggles and victories in showing up every day.

Keep on keeping on,
I love you – Jessica