I flew into Being Boss Miami excited for the beaches, meeting new people, seeing old faces, and all the sun I could get. From my seat on the plane, I could see the ocean waves rolling onto the beach and was stoked to try new foods see, new sights, and learn all I can learn about being more boss. As soon as I got to the hotel, I ran down with my camera and joined in at the meet and greet. It was so great to love all over the friends I had made at Being Boss NOLA last year and introduce myself to people I hadn’t met yet.



After a very isolated winter, the real human connection in Miami filled my soul and has inspired me to keep reaching out to those smart, talented women I couldn’t stop chatting with. We had photo shoots on the beach, hung out poolside until 3 a.m., and we soaked up the moonlight just as much as the sun. In Miami, I made more than just connections, I started relationships.



Being Boss Miami was full of all types of people. There were writers, SEO experts, designers, coaches, lawyers, artists, and so many other amazing creatives. That was actually part of the beauty of coming together as creatives. Our skills complemented each other and we were all coming up with new ideas for collaborating, sharing about each other, and growing each other’s businesses.


In the 11 months I’ve been working for myself full-time, all of my work has come from word of mouth by other creatives who work within the realm of what I do. I’ve met these people by going to events like Being Boss Miami. These events are are structured in a way where you can learn tons but still have the free time to really cultivate the relationships that will help you grow your business and your tribe.


On the first night, Emily, Caitlin, and I were helping set up for wine on the beach. We looked up and at the same time and we all started walking towards the almost full, orange tinted moon. It was a magical moment as the sea spray and wind was hitting our skin.


On the second night of the Being Boss vacation, we all piled on a yacht and cruised around dancing, having amazing conversation, and enjoying the full moon can you say even more magical? Emily and Kathleen, who run the Being Boss Podcast, really knew what they were doing getting people on a boat for 4 hours. It gave everybody a reason to stay put and really get to know each other and I’d do it again in a heartbeat come on we were on a yacht!


After becoming so close with those amazing bosses, I was finding myself having moments of pure joy and pride when I would see them telling other people what they do. My heart would swell as they showed off their products and as they talked about how they can hire each other or collaborate. 

At one point, there was a moment on the beach when one of my roommates for the weekend Merry Beth Myrick brought her hand forged jewelry to the beach to take photos and literally everyone wanted to see and buy their own piece. My other roommate Jessica Willingham and I sat back watching her with hearts in our eyes! Moments like those are so beautiful and to be able to watch them happen to these amazing people, that are so deserving of them, makes me speechless.




On my last day, it was so cool to walk around the Wynwood Walls area because seriously, that place had all the beautiful walls. A couple of us stayed at this adorable little Airbnb apartment in the area on the last night and we walked down to Wynwood Walls. It was so nice to be able to take photos with people who appreciate Instagram as much as I do.







At the end of the day, it’s all about the people you know and love. They will celebrate with you through the good times and help you out when things get tough. The events will come and go, but putting more weight into building relationships is key to moving forward in your business like a boss!

XO Jessica