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Meet Jessica

I’m a graphic designer who helps creative entrepreneurs that want to re-brand their business, create products that change lives, and make money doing what they love.

On my creative adventure, I gained experience as book and packaging designer. This is when I fell in love with being able to bring the big picture of a project together and make it work with all of the little details. When I realized that I wanted to work with an even bigger, more meaningful vision, I knew I could help ladies that are also wanting to tap into their inner self and share their gifts with others.

So I design branding and digital products for people who want to attract clients they adore and add true value to their lives. I also provide creative direction for businesses that create amazing things but need guidance keeping things consistent. They are typically teachers, helpers, lovers, and leaders at heart. Some are seeking to be more adventurous and others are born risk-takers. The common thread between us all is that we were put on this earth to see the beauty in people and help them with our own special gifts.

To me, business is about being your true self and adding meaning to the lives of others. Business doesn’t have to feel corporate and creatives are allowed to re-define their own business in a way that fits them perfectly.

It’s how we are uniquely successful, build community around what fires us up, and yes, make money while we’re at it.


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