Lately, I have been running into a lot of business resources that I love and think you will love too. Every time I find a resource that aligns with my intentions at the time, I save it to Evernote. I don’t want to hoard all of those juicy resources though, so from time to time I want to round up my favorites and share them with you awesome people.

If you need a couple of doses of creative rocket fuel each week, listen to the Being Boss Podcast. Kathleen and Emily really know how to talk a fire under your butt.

Creative Start Podcast has been an amazing way to learn about new creatives. I am loving exploring the creative journeys of so many awesome people.

Even if you don’t work at home, there are tons of ways to connect with others all over the world without leaving the comfort of your digs. Here are 5 tips for networking at home.

Branding is a huge deal and if you don’t ask the right questions, it could lead to a brand disaster. If you need help thinking of questions check out this logo questionnaire guide.

On the flip side, new businesses should really think their branding needs through ahead of hiring someone. Sian tells it like it really is with these 5 branding tips for business newbies.

One of my go to places for learning about all things web, design, or buisness related is Treehouse. They offer the most professional, easy to understand, interactive courses I know of. I love their format and can get lost in learning with their library of knowledge.

One of my favorite illustrators talks about small biz fears, struggles, & doubts on the Jess Lively show. This came out a while back, but still really enjoyed it.

If you are thinking about expanding your remote team, here is the most awesome list of related resources that will change the way your remote team works.

I haven’t had the chance to dig into these two yet, but I know enough about them that they are worth mentioning. One thing on my wish list is the creative class by Paul Jarvis. I absolutely love his writing style and perspective on business so I think the class would be a perfect fit for me. Also, I have been hearing so many great things about the cross roads between should and must. If you have got to dig into either of these two resources, let me know what you think!

Have a creative weekend!
Love Jessica